Know who you are, know what you want
& Live with a Deep Inner Confidence


When you let go of the need to be perfect or do things 'right' 

you are free to be your true self, take action and live with freedom.

Does it feel like you're not good enough? Does it feel like everyone keeps telling you that you've got what it takes to succeed, but the only person who can’t see your own greatness is you? If this resonates then read on...

Do you feel held back by the opinions of other people or fear being told off for getting things wrong?

Do you know you have the potential to do more but you aren't taking the action you are capable of?

Do you feel like an imposter that is about to get found out at any moment and told the game is up?

Does the fear of failing hold you back from performing at your best and enjoying what you do?

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Taking control of your life means taking control of your thoughts and perceptions. When you do this you can create a shift in how you feel about yourself and the world, this inner shift will allow you to see your worth, be more confident, take more action and live your dream life. The only person that can stop you is yourself.

I held myself back for the first 30 years of my life with negative thinking, self-doubt and not feeling good enough. I felt powerless and thought the only way to get through was to be perfect and avoid anything that frightened me. I read more books, took on more information and I was getting nowhere. I had no clue that I could change this and that I had the power to do so. I had to let go of seeking perfection and get out into action.

A career as a professional poker player taught me that trying to control the outcomes and never make mistakes were the very things that lead me to feel negative and out of control. When I began to focus on the process and accept myself I realised I could free myself of the anxiety and stress I was feeling and replace it with confidence and enjoyment. We are the masters of our own destiny when we surrender and let go.

Do you want to live with confidence?

Do you want to shift from fear to freedom?

Do you want to feel worthy of love and success?

All of these are possible when you change your perception.

My clients have come from all around the globe and from range of industries, including TV show hosts, sports stars, successful business owners, therapists, life coaches, football coaches, freelancers and some of the worlds best poker players.


I help people to face their fears, take action and become the most powerful version of themselves. 


By changing your perceptions you can begin to shift from fear to courage, from anxiety to excitement and start to tap into the true greatness that lies within you to reach your full potential. 

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