Become your own best friend

I used to hate the voice inside my head. It used to say "you can't do it", "you're not good enough" and "you're ideas aren't important." Everything changed when I realised that voice wasn't me! The voice was my ego. I had been battling it for years until I saw it for what it was. The voice was trying to protect me. "You can't do it" really meant "be careful you might get hurt". I learned to work with the voice and this allowed me to become my own best friend. Now I coach myself, I pick myself up when I fall and I support myself when I'm scared. I'm not perfect and I'm more than OK with that. Are you battling with the voice in your head? Find your ego, work with it and you'll create all inner peace and happiness you've been searching for. Catch you soon. Big love, Jon


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