Don’t know what you want? Read this.

In today’s world it’s harder to know what you want than ever before, but why?

With so much choice and a constant feed of external influences many are left feeling overwhelmed and confused.

The only way to discover want you truly want is to turn down the noise and look within because it’s you that holds all the answers you're looking for, not anyone else. The problem with getting advice from a friend is that they will be telling you what they think is best for you. You’ll always be left wondering if it’s really the right choice, because they made it for you.

You need to own it.

Here’s a great strategy you can use to really tap into what you want. Try an input deprivation week. For one week don’t take on board any new information. No social media, no reading articles or books. Instead spend the week being present and self aware. Live in the moment, seek calm and listen to yourself. It’s here that you’ll begin to find the clarity you’re looking for.

Knowing what you want requires self trust, free from the opinions and influences of the outside world. Learn to tap into this and you will start to take your life in a direction that you choose and the result is that you’ll get more of what YOU want.

Big love,