How to overcome the fear of failure

I want to share with you a powerful concept that I've applied to overcome the fear of failure and it is my sincere desire that it can be of benefit to you too.

One thing that holds us back in life is judgement. Judgement from others, from society and from ourselves. Today we are going to look at what you can do to remove judgement and take more action.

Simply put, letting go of judgement allows us to let go of labels that restrict us and release them or redefine them. Labeling everything as good or bad, all or nothing and black or white may appear to make our lives simpler, when in fact it can increase fear, anxiety and frustration.

Let's take success for example.

Putting a label on success means we see events as simply success or failure. This is great when it goes well and terrible when it doesn't work out. This means you'll always be fearful of failure as it's always possible. When you do succeed you are aware that as great as it feels it will only be short lived because failure will always be waiting just around the corner.

When you remove the labels of success and failure you notice that success and failure are in fact part of the same continuum, not one or the other. Without success there could be no failure and without failure there could be no success. They are in fact one and both are an important part of the process of growth. They are more of a scale then one or the other.

Ask yourself these questions:

Can you hold success? Can you see it? Is success a fact? Would everyone agree that success is the same thing?

My answer to these questions is no, success is not a physical thing. We make up what success is by assigning a meaning to outcomes and events ourselves.

Society has a general idea of what success or failure is and this gets conditioned into us, but that's only other peoples opinions and opinions are not fact, unless backed by some legit scientific evidence. We attach meanings to the labels we place on things, so when we 'fail' we feel bad and when we 'succeed' we feel great, whatever those mean to you.

So here's where the game changes. You get to decide what success means to you.

What if you paused for a second, let go of the labels and made up your own idea of what success is? How could you do this in a way that serves your growth?

Instead of success meaning things having to go well, what if you changed it to just turning up? When I turn up and try it is a success, regardless of the outcome. This way you could do the things that scare you more often, because as long as you show up you'll feel like a success.

With this mindset I guarantee you would take far more action and through the experience you gain you would improve much faster than sitting around hoping not to fail.

For me success is working towards a goal and doing the things that scare me. This means as long as I'm on the right path and taking action then I am successful. The great thing about this is that I am a success now, not I will be a success one day.

You can see how such a simple concept can open doors and remove limits that hold us back from becoming our greatest version. This is just one of many strategies we can tap into to change our perception and change our lives.

Catch you soon and as always.

Big love