Is your mind getting enough rest?

With email, LinkedIn and google docs at our finger tips it can be difficult to find time to switch off, but working too much may end up proving costly.

Taking time off from work thinking not only helps us to reset for the next day, but it can also have other benefits too.

On complex tasks like solving a math equation we use our conscious mind to work on the problem and get to an answer, but Dutch psychologist professor Ap Dijksterhuis suggests some decisions are better left to your unconscious.

Problems that require lots of different types of information and thought are better solved by the unconscious mind due to neuronal bandwidth.

When we switch off from work and relax we give our mind space to solve the problems for us. Ever had a great idea when you're in the shower or while you're relaxing on holiday? This is why!

Down time is essential for your creativity!

Let me know any problems you are currently facing in the digital world and I'll try and discuss them in my future blog posts.

Big love,