The art of non-attachment

Sometimes when we feel pain it can be a sign that we are attached to something. The reason for this is because we feel we have to have that thing in order to be happy and if we don't then we will be miserable. This can even mean that something that usually brings us pleasure can instead bring us pain. Happiness always seems one step away and we may capture it just for a moment, only to see it fade away again when we don't have that thing. We are then always chasing and never quite arriving.

The fear underneath these feelings is of not being enough, the feeling of not being worthy. All of us feel this at some point, but let me tell you the truth, you are enough. You don't need anything in this world to make you feel happy, despite what advertisers, society or anyone may tell you. Anything that does come along will only add to your happiness, it does not make you happy, you make you happy and you are already enough just how you are.

Anytime you have a feeling that you can't live without something or have feelings of desperation it can be a sign that your perceptions are not in alignment and you may be looking to something external for your happiness. It's not the end of the world, it simply means you are a little off course.

How can you overcome this?

Remind yourself that you are in control of your happiness by meeting your own needs.

Take some time out from whatever it is that you think you need. Let go and do something for yourself that makes you happy without relying on anyone or anything else. Remind yourself that you have your own back. Take some alone time, go for a walk, read a book, paint, sit and meditate or cook a nice meal.

When something you want starts causing you pain take a step back and know that you are enough, with or without it.

This my friend is the beauty of non-attachment.

Catch you soon.

Big love,