This is what to do with FEAR

Does fear stop you from living a life of freedom and passion?

I get it because fear ran a lot of my life and it still holds me back in some areas.

The more we avoid fear the more we experience it.

Fear isn’t a sign to stop, it’s often a mask for our desires.

The things I love the most I was the most afraid of.

I was scared the first time I went to a casino to play poker, my hands were shaking and after playing enough I became a pro and had a 9 year career.

I was scared to speak in front of people and my legs shook like Bambi the first time I got up in front of a few hundred people. Now it still scares me but I get a real buzz from it.

I was scared to offer my first coaching session a few years ago and now I get to do what I love and help others face their fears.

I was scared to tell the woman that I loved that I loved her the first time. What if she didn’t say it back (she did, phew). Now we are happily married and have a beautiful girl together.

Each time you face your fears you risk making mistakes, looking stupid, failing and being judged but on the other side is everything you could ever want.

We have to go through, not around. When you break your fears down and shift your focus it can help take your energy away from fear and onto what you love.

What fear are you going to lean into?

Catch you soon.

Big love,