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  1. Motivates and inspires change.

  2. Simple strategies for success.

  3. Works with your values and goals.

  4. Insights from the journey of a pro poker player.

  5. Message leaves a lasting impact.


How to...

  • Stop Procrastinating & Get More Done

  • Be More Confident in Uncertain Situations

  • Be More Assertive & Increase Your Influence

  • Become a More Efficient Decision Maker

  • Create a better work life balance and increase your energy

  • Build Resilience and Overcome Obstacles

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Feedback from The Perception Coach workshops

"Really great structure and presentation. Most useful time management course I have ever been to."


"Very useful and practical tips!"


"Clear diagrams, presentation was clear and concise, all topics resonated."


"Really enjoyed the session, everything was spot on. The practical hands on tips I will implement right away."

"It was great that Jon asked about our expectations and managed to cover everything and finish on time."

"Clear instructions and steps."


"Good session with good reminders of what we should do and great new insights as well. Very interesting, I liked the references and examples, very helpful."


"I enjoyed the real life examples on how to prioritise and the matrixes helped me to visualise the solutions."

"Good speed, clean messaging, positive, likeable energy and good own life examples."

"The workshop really helped me to understand what I could improve."


"Very informative, will apply to my daily tasks. Thank you!"


"Great review of the subject, some good action points and interaction."


"I enjoyed the techniques and I felt the discussion was often really relatable to my situation."


"Great tips and ideas. The book recommendations were great!"


"Really liked that there were lots of little things we can do, lots of hints and tips and we can start applying these things today."


"Enjoyed the variety of different techniques provided."


"Excellent and informative! Really enjoyed hearing about the various strategies to address the issues."


"Very good presentation, thank you! Good tips to put into practice, will try those. Can’t think of anything to improve!"


"The workshop was great, it was interactive and got the audience thinking."





How to…

Stop Procrastinating & Get Stuff Done

Why: Participants will discover what causes procrastination how this impacts both themselves and others. We will explore why perfectionism reduces efficiency and how to overcome this. 
How: With knowledge on why we procrastinate and insights backed by science the participants will form action plans for creating motivation and getting tasks completed efficiently.
What: Leave with clear steps on how to stop procrastination before it begins and create powerful habits that lead to action towards their goals. 

Be More Confident in Uncertain Situations

Why: Provides a clear understanding of what confidence is and why it is important.
How: Discover where to place your focus to maximise your confidence and how to approach new and difficult situations to feel more confident. Learn the difference between self esteem and self worth and why this is important in creating long term stable confidence.
What: Develop an action plan for how to develop confidence in any area of life and the secret to tapping into the state of confidence at any time.

Be More Assertive & Increase Your Influence

Why: Learn about what assertiveness is and why it’s absolutely essential in developing and maintaining healthy relationships with friends, family and colleagues.
How: Explore the different styles of communication and what impact these have. Discover simple and proven strategies for how to express yourself in a calm, clear way respecting both your rights and the rights of others.
What: Participants will leave with the skill set they need to be a more effective communicator raising their confidence in the workplace.  


Become a More Efficient Decision Maker

Why: Provides an understanding of why decision making is such an important skill and the impact the decisions we make has on efficiency, well-being and effectiveness.
How: Together we will uncover how to reduce decision fatigue and participants will get the chance to practice using an effective decision making framework.
What: Participants will feel competent in making quick decisions and have the tools they need to make more challenging life decisions.  

How to achieve work life balance

Why: Participants will explore what work life balance is and why creating it is important to improve health, happiness and productivity in the workplace. 
How: Understanding the importance of awareness and using interactive exercises we will discover how to create the right balance for each individual, exploring their own wants and needs. We will explore how rest is essential for creativity and efficiency and form plans for how to fit this into a busy schedule.
What: Each person will create actionable steps to achieve balance in their lives, boosting productivity, engagement and fulfillment. 


The how to series of interactive workshops