"Jon is a coach that goes well beyond what you would reasonably expect in terms of support and flexibility." Sam Grafton, Pro Poker Player.

"I can’t thank Jon enough for the continued guidance in living my best life and enjoying the journey." Travis Boak, Australian Rules Footballer .


"Jon gave me all the tools and especially coached me through a very difficult time in my life. I really felt supported, and heard this time around and I really feel like I can move forward in life and trust and believe in myself without any doubt. I feel really empowered and happy. I know now that I can deal with any challenge in my life." Amna, Client From Europe.

Why is coaching so powerful?


We see the world through our own lens and it can be life-changing to have someone help you to see the things you can't. Self-awareness really is the key to living a life of confidence and fulfilment, by identifying your weaknesses and working on them and seeing your strengths and doubling down on them. 


My role is to help you to see your blind spots so that you can discover the blocks that have been secretly sabotaging your success and we will dive deep to uncover the incredible strengths and gifts you never knew you had so you can maximise your growth and potential.

How does coaching work?


Fear, doubt, 

distraction & inaction.

What you want

Here is you and here is what you want, in between you and what you want is resistance. This resistance can show up as fear, doubt and worry. Sometimes this can stop you and sometimes this resistance can be so big that it stops you from even knowing what you want and stops you from setting goals or really living up to your full potential.



focus & action

What you want

The secret to mastery is not in removing the resistance, trying to do this only makes it worse! The key lies in learning how to become a master at handling it. By changing your limiting beliefs, challenging yourself and having strategies that work specifically for you, you will develop the deep inner confidence that comes with going through the resistance, not around it. 

The key is to align yourself, your beliefs and actions with what you want. When who you are, what you believe and what you want are aligned you will be living an authentic life on purpose and creating fulfilment and confidence. This is a choice you make, are you ready to commit?

We talk and you see your world differently 

My coaching is not for everyone because life-changing results only come with an open mind, commitment and consistency. You show up, we talk, you take action and you get real results.

I will help you to focus your thinking to create clarity, master your emotions to create core confidence and take action to make change real in your life.


The secrets to success can be surprisingly simple, but not always easy. Contact me to have a conversation to see how I can help you.