Get life changing results using proven systems


Believe in yourself

Let go of self doubt and step into your greatness. Develop a deep belief in yourself that allows you to live in the moment and act despite fear. A deep belief in yourself is what it takes to create core confidence and begin living the life you're capable of.


Get more done in less time

Find time for you. With good self care and healthy boundaries you can work hard and play hard. Create your own system so you can stay active, get your work done and also create time to relax and connect with other people.


Live with purpose 

When you know why you do what you do it changes everything. Find meaning and create your vision for what you want to achieve in your career and personal life. When you match purpose with discipline you will become unstoppable.

Strategic Life Coaching 

My one on one packages are bespoke. I work with people for a minimum of three months as this requires commitment, accountability and results. We will get you clear on your intentions and look at where your current focus is and how you can align the two to create the results you want. Contact me to have a conversation and discuss what that would look like. We will dive deep and see if coaching is right for you in this moment. My coaching isn't for everyone. It requires effort and an open mind. 

Breakthrough Hypnotherapy Session

You can change in an instant when you change your self-perceptions. Forget surface level change, using a mix of coaching and Bradian hypnotherapy this powerful session is designed to help you change the automatic programmes in your mind so that you can be how you want to be right now.


This deep dive session is designed to help you quickly overcome a fear, anxiety or habit. It can also help you to create more self-confidence or become more calm and relaxed, all in just 60 minutes.


What do you want to change? 


£135 first session  (usually only one session is needed).

£65 for additional sessions for same issue.

You'll receive an mp3 recording of the suggestion portion of your session.


  • MSc in Psychology (Distinction) 

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Science (Hons)

  • Certified in Bradian Hypnotherapy

  • Strategic Life Coaching Practitioner (CTAA)

  • REPS qualified Personal Trainer

What clients have to say about working with Jon

"Before my session with Jon I feel I was somewhere in the middle of being present, and reacting to things almost on autopilot. I didn't like how my knee jerk reactions to scenarios were often negative, and made me feel bad for most of the day. This included letting myself get too stressed out, being pessimistic, angry, jealous etc. Jon and I focused on trying to be more optimistic, confident, and calm in stressful moments. 

Jon showed me that I have always had the tools to be a calmer, more confident, happier and present version of myself. He showed me methods to remind myself that I am worthy, I am worth it, I can lead, and I can be there for my family, in the now. These simple approaches, tweaks, reminders, and exercises have honestly made me a happier man. I am more decisive at work. I am 100% in the present moment with my two young daughters. I trust myself, and I am happy to take criticism and feedback. Jon is a very smart, relatable, gentle and kind man who immediately made me feel like I was catching up with an old friend. I felt like he actually wanted to change the world by helping people realise they do not have to be the person they have always thought they were. Once you gain perspective, the world really opens itself up to you. Jon is the best person I can think of to help you transition into becoming the person you deserve to be" - Sam, Norwich


"I would like to THANK The Perception Coach, JON PRINCE, for empowering me enormously and changing my life in the most(!)  positive(!)  imaginable way today! He is an enlightened and magnificent human being who has a great deal to offer those who contact him.

I was lucky enough to have a (Skype) coaching session with him today. He is in London. I am in California...near Los Angeles. JON shared 🔑 KEY truths with me in a way that made it obvious to me that my substantial success could be/would be imminent and (potentially) EASY. I accessed my subconscious mind during my session with JON. The rest of my life will be greatly improved as a result of the privilege and honor of being coached by The Perception Coach (in the NOW) TODAY!🎉🔑✨" - Glorie Lee, California 

" Hi Jon, I have to say today’s session was very powerful, almost as if it was a break through. I spent a good half hour just sitting down smiling at the window. I feel a lot happier. You're amazing and I can’t thank you enough. Really glad I came across your page on Instagram. If I do have questions i'll send by email. Just thank you. Not to sound cheesy but you really were sunshine for me today. :) i'll practice those things and if anything i'll drop a email. But you’ve done so much within a few minutes it’s amazing." - R.B, London

"I have found this experience totally enlightening and unbelievably beneficial. You have shown me how to gain control of my mental state, and as a result I am much more relaxed, happy and productive.

Having a basic understanding of the mind has been really eye opening and I'm so grateful for the techniques you've been able to share with me. Even if I can pass a small portion of my learnings on to others, I feel really good about that.

Cheers to living in the NOW :)" - Jordan T, Southampton

"The Perception Coach helped me overcome my habit of biting my nails. I’ve bitten my nails for as long as I can remember, but then I sat with The Coach for an hour and it changed my entire outlook on things! After 4 weeks, I’ve not even thought about it because I no longer bite my nails! Massive thanks to the man, what else can he do?!" - Tom W, London

"I had a session with Jon 3 weeks ago, he talked me through everything clearly and really listened to my needs. I asked to stop eating dairy and stop when full. Both things have been achieved and it's quite amazing the power of perception. These are both habits I wouldn't of been able to brake if it wasn't for this session.
I would fully recommend Jon." Hannah S, Surrey

"I contacted Jon as I felt at a crossroads with several factors of my life, having spoken in depth and at length with the perception coach directly we found several areas of common ground which reassured me that someone understood the difficulties I felt I faced. A thorough assessment happened where I felt confident, more confident than I had in years that there were positive times ahead and a way to fix my perception of myself, my goals, my desires and wants and in fact a way to achieve everything I desire by focusing on what I could control. I’m 6 months on after working with Jon, my mindset is in a very positive place, I’ve moved countries and chased my dreams in Australia, I’m changing career which is something I used to doubt I could / should do and I’m reaching new highs with my fitness goals; friendships are very important to me and I’ve been able to invest time in people that enhance my life.
Jon won’t do all the work for you but he enables you to see your own potential and gives those who truly want to make the changes all the tools and direction necessary." 
Daniel H, Melbourne, Australia.

"My mum has always said the best investment you can make is in yourself hence me starting my journey with the Perception Coach. Working with Jon made me stop, think, evaluate and adapt my mindset on issues I have found challenging before. I feel like I'm a more rounded person and the biggest difference is my level of happiness that has come from a greater self awareness." Miryam F, London

"The biggest benefit I gained from working with Jon was to become more aware of my thoughts and reactions, not necessarily being able to fix them at this stage but feeling like I have gained more control through the awareness itself. The perception coach helped me learn to work with my thoughts, reactions and inner dialogue to become happier and in control of the outcome." Hayley P, Chichester

"The Perception Coach helped me with a digital detox that had a profound effect on my life." Mikey H, Southampton


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